IPitomy RMA Information

Occasionally it is necessary to request an RMA (Return Material Authorization)  from IPitomy.  This is accomplished through our normal technical support process.  To initiate an RMA a technical support engineer must issue an RMA number.  Please call technical support at (941)306-2200 Option 2 or enter create a support ticket at http://ticket.ipitomy.com.

IPitomy's utmost concern is making sure that end user customers are cared for in a timely fashion and that their issues get resolved swiftly with the least amount of trouble.  In order to meet customers expectations, IPitomy expects dealers to always have some spare parts and always think of a way to get a customer functioning quickly.  IPitomy makes a dealer demo available to dealers at a very low cost.  This dealer demo ensures that each dealer has spare telephones as well as a PBX system to loan to customer sites in the event of a system problem.

Rapid Temporary Licensing

IPitomy has taken some additional steps to speed up your efforts to support customers in the field.  Since shipping parts overnight is cost prohibitive, we know our customers want to avoid the additional expense associated with expedited shipping while getting the customer back into service in one day.  To accommodate our dealers and end user customers IPitomy has implemented a rapid temporary licensing program.  This program is designed for IPitomy dealers to re-license a spare (or your demo) to accommodate the needs of your customer.  This provides you the opportunity to provide a service level agreement to your customers that can always meet their needs without wasting money on expedited shipping plus getting the job done the same day.  This has the positive effect of only requiring a minimum investment in spare parts. 

When requesting a Rapid Temporary License, it will be necessary to provide the Service Tag of the unit you want to install the Temporary License on as well as the Service Tag number of the system being replaced so we can match the license.

Unfortunately, problems happen that are out of our control.  We all need to do our part to minimize any disruption to customer business operations.  IPitomy is implementing this program to expand our support capabilities and reduce the time it takes a dealer to keep a customer operational.  There is no cost for the Rapid Temporary Licensing Program.  Licensing can be issued in a matter of minutes.

How Rapid Temporary Licensing works

In the unlikely event that your customer may have a failure that requires repair or replacement of the PBX system, the program will simplify the process of getting your customer up and running immediately by using your spare or demo.

Once it has been determined that the PBX is in need of a hardware repair, IPitomy can issue you a temporary license for your spare PBX or demo to meet the requirements of your customer.  In this case, you would use your spare to replace the customer system.  Just restore the customer's backup on the spare system and plug it in.  As long as you have a good backup, this should take very little time.

After replacing the system, bring the system to be repaired back to your shop and either repair it there or send it to IPitomy and we'll repair it.

This avoids emergency shipping expenses and gets the customer back up and running in a matter of a few hours instead of days.

If you don't have a spare system, call your sales rep for information on obtaining one.  IPitomy has low cost packages that can provide just what you need and will save you time and increase customer satisfaction.