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IPitomy provides an “all in one” business communication platform designed to be extremely powerful, yet simple, flexible, and easy to use. We are dedicated to maximizing your business communication investment. We pride ourselves on developing products and services that enhance the way you work and communicate.

Saves You Money
IPitomy will save you money by harnessing IP Telephony and VoIP technology.

  • Traveling and home-bound employees can stay connected for free using a broadband Internet connection.

    Broadband VoIP service provides local and long distance telecommunication services for a fraction of the price your phone company charges.

Smart Solutions
IPitomy includes a set of features based upon VoIP technology that enhance your user experience.

    • Subscribe to more than one phone service providing a backup alternative phone service from multiple providers
    • Desktop Q-Manager allows your receptionist and users to see the status of each telephone in your network
    • Monitor the presence of other users
    • Text messaging with other Q-Manager users
    • Managers can monitor, record and whisper to calls
    • Desktop Call Manager provides receptionist with full visibility of system users
    • Smart Personal Console (SPC) allows individual users more control over their extension and mailbox.
    • IPitomy Contact Dialer
      • Click to Dial from any application 
      • Import all contacts from Outlook or any .csv file
    • IPitomy FAX Solutions - The most feature rich and reliable faxing application available.
      • Fax to Fax without an analog line cost
      • Email to FAX
      • FAX to Email
      • Send and receive faxes even when service is disrupted  
      • Fax to and from Mobile phones
      • Fax from a browser
      • Fax from desktop

Enhanced Business Communications
IPitomy allows you to work smarter by communicating smarter.

Barriers to your remote users are eliminated allowing remote workers to function as if they were in the office.

All your multi-site locations will be integrated into one converged dialing plan.

Collaborate with groups of customers, employees or vendors using IPitomy's built in meet me conference bridge.

Use Soft Phones to communicate remotely while out of the office.

Get Voice Mail as Email

Simultaneously ring extensions, cell phones and other numbers at once for enhanced Follow Me applications

“All in One” Architecture
IPitomy is an “all in one” communication platform that is simple to use.

Complete system including traditional PBX features plus unified messaging, music on hold, call queuing and much more.

All of the applications are contained in one easy to use web based administration console.

Investment Protection
IPitomy is a PURE IP PBX.  It is the business phone system of the next 100 years.  IPitomy is not based on 100 year old technology.

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