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Fundamental Changes in Communications

Big changes are taking place in the way telecommunications services are delivered.  The old analog voice network is being phased out in favor of new technology based upon VoIP.  This change will impact all users of old outdated equipment;  PBXs and key systems alike.

The inevitable transition from analog to VoIP is similar to the transition from broadcast to digital (DTV) recently experienced in the television industry.  In fact, choosing between a SIP-based IP PBX and an analog/TDM PBX is very similar to the process of deciding between purchasing a flat screen HDTV instead of purchasing an older, outdated picture tube model.

Using VoIP provides more options.  Your IPitomy PBX can be hosted in the cloud, installed on your premise or both using a hybrid solution that includes both cloud and premise based technologies.  The ability to use VoIP to replace your phone lines will enance your bottoom line.  In addition to huge savings, VoIP provides enhanced clarity on every call.  Adding remote workers, branch offices and extended VoIP features enhances the solution.

Your business telecommunications system is your direct connection to your customers, clients, suppliers and vendors.  It is also a major investment that will be with you for years to come.  It makes sense that your investment in the future of your business be an investment in current technology (SIP-based VoIP) rather than in products that will be obsolete almost as soon as you purchase them (analog TDM technology).

If you were buying a new TV, would you invest in an obsolete tube TV or in a flat screen HDTV?  Your decision to use a SIP-based IP PBX is a similar one but one with significant impact on the success of your business.  Who could justify an investment in TDM technology with all the great options for richer applications and money saving opportunities that exist for capitalizing on the trend toward VoIP?

Stepping Into the Future

  • Advanced products with enhanced features all for less money than traditional analog/TDM PBX systems.
  • AvailableCloud based PBX with no CAPEX and the same great features available with a premise based system.
  • Save up to 50% on your current phone bill when you subscribe to VoIP services with your IPitomy IP PBX premise based system.
  • Create an “all in one” communication platform that is flexible, easy to use, and administered from a user friendly web based administration console.
  • Erase boundaries by connecting remote workers and mobile employees with the office.
  • Enhance your business communications by integrating your multi-site locations into one converged dialing plan.
  • Collaborate easily and affordably on webinars and meetings using the built-in conference bridge with support for up to 32 participants.
  • Take control of your communications; advanced features and an easy to administer user interface add unprecedented control that saves money on moves, adds and changes.
  • Hardware and software are supported locally and on site service is available through your IPitomy Dealer whenever you need it.

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