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General Questions

What is IPitomy?
IPitomy is a scalable PBX solution featuring a range of traditional telephony and emerging VoIP technologies. IPitomy systems run on premise or in the cloud. IPitomy supports the creation of branch office networks connecting multiple locations locally or around the globe. A full range of PSTN and VoIP technologies such as analog lines and T1 lines are supported. Least cost routing, Voicemail, Queues, Auto Attendants, Conferences, Music on Hold and much more... a real cost saving in a fully featured PBX solution!

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What is VoIP?
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls. Voice data is sent in packets using IP rather than through traditional PSTN circuit transmissions. VoIP is usually much cheaper then PSTN.

How secure is VoIP?
VoIP can be deployed to use industry standard high encryption technologies (SSL and VPN).

Can I use VoIP with regular (analog) telephone?
YES. To use VoIP with your regular analog phone, you will need to install an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) or channel bank devices. These devices convert the analog signal to digital data in order to work with VoIP.

Does IPitomy work if the power fails?
YES, but only with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) device installed in the system. A UPS can maintain operation of critical equipment for up to several hours until utility power is restored.  The use of a Power Over Ethernet (POE) switch, combining power with Ethernet cabling, is also a good choice.

Can VoIP receive calls from PSTN?
YES! It is possible to place or receive any type of calls (local, long distance, international, etc) to/from PSTN lines.

How good is a VoIP sound quality?
The quality achieved is usually excellent, although the voice quality depends on bandwidth quality as well as its availability.  You can check your bandwidth using IPitomy’s bandwidth calculator.

What about sound quality on LAN?
Excellent audio quality on LAN is a standard feature of IPitomy.

Why should I consider purchasing IPitomy?

IPitomy will make your business run faster and easier than ever before while it saves you money on your total communications expenditures.

IPitomy is reliable

IPitomy is EASY TO USE with web based administration

IPitomy will grow your bottom line due to better communication with customers/clients and reduced telephone bills.

IPitomy can keep your employees in contact while traveling or at home. No more unavailable employees.

IPitomy allows better management of employees.

IPitomy will help you to record or monitor employee calls for quality assurance purposes.


How can IPitomy help me improve my business results?
The following IPitomy features will help your business improve employee productivity by allowing them to reduce the amount of time they spend on tasks, reach each other more easily, and work together more efficiently:

Conference calls will help your employees to conduct meetings regardless of time or location - saving traveling time, reducing expenses, and limiting inconveniences.

Call recordings will improve calls, costs, and staff management.

Call forwarding will assist in employee mobility, allowing your employees to be at different locations while still receiving calls.

Unified Messaging sends voice mail to email to improve voice mail response time


The following features will help your business maintain high quality
customer service:

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) will allow your clients to reach a line directly without going through an operator or dialing several numbers.

Automated Attendant answers all incoming calls and prompts callers to dial an extension, other destinations or leave a voicemail message - all without the help of an operator – freeing up valuable time for other tasks.

Music On Hold will inform and entertain your customers while waiting to speak to someone with informative messages and music.

The following features will help your business get the most out of the networks:

Outbound dialing controls will control dialing of specific outbound routes, such as international, preventing unauthorized use of your services and resources.

Backup will automatically store your system settings, recordings and other important data for easy retrieval/restore.

IPitomy Updates will update your system with the latest bug fixes and enhancements of existing features when available.


How can IPitomy save me time and money?

IPitomy allows your business branch offices to communicate easily using the VoIP feature, rapidly reducing telephone costs and time. Users will be able to contact remote a office co-worker simply by dialing an extension.

IPitomy easily creates conference bridges between employees on local or remote (overseas) levels, directly saving significant amounts of time, and possible travel costs.

IPitomy allows calls to be diverted to employees' mobile phones resulting in more flexibility, mobility, and time. Increased efficiency results in reduced expenses.

IPitomy browser based system administration allows your users to easily navigate through the configuration. Therefore, it will save significant amounts of time and expense on system maintenance, technical support, training, etc.

IPitomy's VoIP service (IPitomy Exchange) will dramatically lower telephone communications costs.


Will my telephone bills reduce if I use VoIP feature when comparing to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)?
Yes. VoIP feature should rapidly reduce your business telephone costs!

What is OS platform for IPitomy?
IPitomy OS platform is Linux.

What features and functionalities are included with the IPitomy?
Please refer to:

Does IPitomy support Emergency call services?
Yes. Emergency calls can be placed by direct dialing, or by using a prefix number for an outgoing phone and then dialing the emergency number.

Do my employees need special education to use IPitomy?
NO. IPitomy’s browser based system administration allows your users to easily navigate through the system. IPitomy has been designed to be intuitive and simple to use.  Since IPitomy is an all in one telecommunications system, the seamless integration of all of the system features simplifies the entire process reducing the learning curve dramatically.

Technical Questions

Can I divert incoming calls to my mobile phone?
YES. IPitomy has complete call forwarding and follow me that are simple to use.

Can I still use PSTN with IPitomy?
Yes. Standard plain old telephone service (POTS) and T1/PRI are all supported.

Is it possible to connect IPitomy to already existing telephones in my company?
YES. IPitomy can connect with your existing analog telephones. IPitomy has gateway devices that can be used to drive analog telephones and analog telephone lines.  For digital key systems and PBX’s, IPitomy can connect to analog ports on the switch to provide IPitomy Exchange VoIP services and remote extensions and branch office connections for less than upgrading most legacy hardware.  As soon as you decide to migrate all the way to IPitomy, your investment is protected instead of wasted on outdated upgrades.

Can IPitomy replace our existing PBX system?
In most cases, IPitomy is less expensive than upgrading an outdated PBX or key system.  When you add IPitomy Exchange, the return on investment is rapid.  When you add in the additional savings of business efficiency gained by recovering lost days due to homebound employees, weather related interruptions, and reduced travel time, you will conclude that you cannot afford to put off deploying IPitomy!

How many extensions can IPitomy provide my company with?
IPitomy has several products that are optimized for the size of the business using them.  The system size is ultimately limited by the amount of processor, memory and bandwidth.  All IPitomy systems can be connected in a branch office network with distributed systems growing to any size.

Is it possible to upgrade miniPBX to maxiPBX or megaPBX ?
YES. IPitomy will provide you with the opportunity to upgrade the number of extensions.  Depending on the size, you may have to move to a more powerful platform, but the software will remain the same.

Can I have all my local offices and branch offices abroad connected
with IPitomy solutions?

YES. IPitomy can connect all your offices (local and remote) together into a network. Additionally, your company will show a cost savings using VoIP for phone calls versus traditional long distance calls over the PSTN.  Each branch office only requires a broadband connection.

Can our IPitomy network use VPN?
YES. Your VoIP data will be encrypted between each office over the Internet.

Does IPitomy include conference bridges with remote offices?
YES. Conference bridges are included in all of the products.

Does IPitomy provide all necessary equipment including telephone units?
YES. IPitomy provides and supports all of the required equipment.  We design and manufacture our IP PBX, IP telephones, and gateways.  It is possible to use other SIP telephones with IPitomy as well.  We support Aastra, Polycom and Cisco telephones.

Do I need to do additional installation or configuration of any hardware or device included with IPitomy?
IPitomy will be installed and configured according to your business needs and technical requirements by a local IPitomy dealer.

Does IPitomy allow all existing extensions within my company to remain
the same?

IPitomy supports 3 and 4 digit extensions.

Sales Questions

How much does IPitomy cost?
IPitomy is priced according to the number of extensions/lines and your exact business needs. We will provide you with a complete quotation based upon your requirements.  An IPitomy dealer will discuss your requirements with you and recommend the best solution.

What is the warranty period for IPitomy?
The warranty period for IPitomy hardware is one (1) year.  Extended warranty plans are available.

After I purchase the product will I be informed about any software or
hardware upgrades?

YES. IPitomy informs customers and clients about all available upgrades, news, release notes, etc.

Is there any maintenance support provided by IPitomy after I purchase
the system?

Yes. Your local IPitomy dealer is there to provide support and advice.  As easy as IPitomy is to use and configure, it is always good to have a local support representative available who stocks spare parts and knows how to quickly resolve telecommunications issues.

Can I add additional extensions to the system?
Yes.  The system is easily expandable through a software license update.

How does IPitomy treat Updates?
Updates and Minor Updates are included in your 12 month support contract which is included in the sales price. The renewal of your support contract or purchase of a longer term agreement will extend this.

How does IPitomy treat Upgrades?
Upgrades are feature enhancements that are available at an additional cost.