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IPitomy’s Call Recording Application is an integral part of the IPitomy IP PBX Unified Communications Platform.

Sometimes making calls is just not enough for a business application. Regulatory requirements, training and quality control usually require some type of Call Recording.

With IPitomy, that’s easy. IPitomy’s industry leading Unified Communications Platform has Call Recording covered. Whether it be on demand recording of individual calls or automatically recording all calls, IPitomy is the preferred choice.

Calls can be automatically recorded from specific queues or outbound dialing routes. Recorded calls are saved and archived to an external server based on the requirements of your business. You choose how long to keep the calls on the local system and when to archive to a data storage for retrieval any time. Calls are recorded and saved in .wav file format so they are easy to playback and easy to manage.

Setting up your call recording system is a snap. There is no outboard server requirement and no extra equipment required. Just select which calls you wish to have automatically recorded and the recording begins. Recording jobs can be separated for easy management; for instance record all inbound sales calls, service calls or customer service calls as separate jobs so the recordings are easy to manage and easy to retrieve.

As with all IPitomy Optional features, Call Recording is a simple license key and does not require any additional hardware. Maximum simultaneous recordings are defined by the IPitomy platform capabilities.

How It Works
Call Recording is easy to set up. The easy to follow User Interface guides you through setting up the recordings tailored to your company’s specific requirements. All menu navigation is clear and simple. You will be up and running in minutes.

Once the recording has been configured, simply click on the call recording to listen. All calls are identified by time of day, date, caller id and ext. number.  The call detail records also display an indication of whether the call has been recorded.

Calls can be automatically backed up to the local hard drive or to an external storage device.
The recorded calls are archived along with the system backup and can be retrieved from the
data storage device and played back or stored anywhere.

For a demonstration of the IPitomy All Call Recording Application, contact IPitomy - (800)IPitomy


Sonic View 

Record, Organize and Share

Sonic View is a third party application.

SonicView is a cost-effective station side voice recording solution. The solution can scale from a single user/voice port to hundreds of ports with centralized server-based solutions. The implementation is simple and reliable supporting IP, digital and analog mixed systems. SonicView's modular components make it possible to start small and grow the solution capabilities to meet your business demands.

Once a luxury that only large enterprises could afford, SonicView brings professional-grade recording solutions with advanced features to Small & Medium businesses. SonicView will help businesses measure and manage productivity to improve efficiencies and meet regulatory guidelines.

SonicView components: 

 SonicView Central (for recording digital and analog terminals): Software is installed on a PC/Server in the PBX room. Manages digital and analog recording hardware through USB port. 

 SonicView IP Server (for recording IP extensions): Server software that enables recording of IP extensions on IP-PBX’s 

 SonicView Studio / Studio PRO: Sophisticated supervisor Search & Playback features; Scoring and Agent evaluation 

 SonicView Backup: Auto archive and manage large volumes of recordings to and from various media. 

 SonicView Agent: Agent desktop application with recording, search/playback capabilities and flexibility to associate notes with calls. User access and control over recordings and can be restricted at different levels for various levels of security. 

 On Demand Recording (ODR): Add-on to the SonicView Agent application to record calls on-demand.


  • Easy access to recordings using various search criteria including date/time, duration, extension, caller id, dialed number, notes, flags etc.
  • Annotation & flagging of calls
  • On-demand recording
  • Email recordings
  • Agent scoring
  • Secure & tamper-proof storage
  • Easy archival & retrieval
  • Supervisor and Agent Studio applications etc.


  •  Easy to install, configure and manage – helps you get the system up and running in a short time-frame and self-manage 
  • Simple & intuitive user interface – helps you to cut down on training time and costs 
  • Scalable & Robust – helps you to start small and grow when needed 
  • Supports Analog, Digital and IP extensions – helps you to protect your investment 
  • What makes SonicView stand out from other Voice Recording solutions in the marketplace? 
  • Easy to install, enabling customers to start recording almost immediately 
  • No hidden costs 
  • No need to invest in pre-purchase site survey – solution works with all PBXs 
  • Ideally suited for Small, Medium and multi-location businesses 
  • Supports Analog, Digital and IP extensions 
  • TriVium’s experience in providing Business Productivity solutions for Small & Medium Businesses