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IPitomy 1: One Platform, One Payment, Endless Opportunities
In the intricate tapestry of telecommunications, IPitomy Communications proudly presents "IPitomy 1." Beyond just a product, it's our pledge to simplicity and unparalleled service. With IPitomy 1, everything converges into one: one platform for diverse features, one point of contact for all inquiries, and the unwavering assurance that you're always just one call away, be it for unparalleled savings, unmatched customer service, or instant IT support.
Our IPitomy 1 solution offers an all-encompassing approach to VoIP cloud and premise systems. Experience a unified world where Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), faxing, SMS, video conferencing, and a multitude of features all resonate as one. Proudly US-based, our commitment is to ensure every interaction emphasizes that with IPitomy, you are our one and only focus.
But the "one" philosophy doesn't stop there. For sectors like schools, hospitals, and enterprises, IPitomy 1 is tailored to be the one solution you'll ever need, providing cost-effectiveness without compromising on innovation. And for moments where every second counts, such as in educational and medical facilities, our advanced e911 alert software guarantees that help is just one moment away.
Taking our commitment to the power of one even further, IPitomy 1 introduces zero down financing. Consolidate all your telecommunications expenses into one low monthly payment. This isn’t just about service; it’s a comprehensive package that includes hardware, warranty, and even the costs of installation and third-party services.
Choose IPitomy 1 and embrace the transformative power of one: one platform, one payment, and limitless possibilities.

IPitomy1: The Future of Telecommunications


Introducing IPitomy1 – a comprehensive package from IPitomy, a pioneering name in VoIP products, services, and support. Step into the future of business telecommunications.

  •  Unified Communications Solution: IPitomy1 is not just a server; it's an entire Unified Communications System tailored for your office. At its heart lies the IPitomy IP PBX System, renowned for its extensive features. Few systems can match the quality and performance of IPitomy.
  •  High-Quality Calling Services: Powered by the IPitomy Global Telecom network, bid goodbye to outdated telephone lines. We are redefining calling with superior quality services.
  •  World-Class Support: IPitomy is synonymous with exceptional support. With IPitomy1, you get our premium products, services, and unmatched support, all bundled into one competitively priced package.


Pricing Benefits

  •  Affordable Rates: IPitomy1 offers stellar products and top-notch service at an astonishingly low cost – a refreshing change from the traditional, less-responsive phone or cable companies.
  •  Cost Savings: As both the developer of the PBX and the VoIP Network provider, IPitomy enables significant savings. We eliminate hefty third-party expenses, passing those benefits directly to our customers without compromising on quality.


  •  Unlimited Calling: Each IPitomy unlimited phone line (SIP Trunk) offers boundless calling in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. For those looking to go global, we provide competitive rates for additional international calls.
  •  Disaster Recovery: IPitomy's cloud infrastructure ensures you're always online. Our disaster forwarding feature reroutes calls to alternate numbers during emergencies, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.


Getting Started

Your designated IPitomy Dealer will assist in choosing the right phones and PBX for your enterprise. A typical 10-phone system might include:

  1.  IPitomy Small Office PBX
  2.  10 T29 Executive Phones
  3.  4 Unlimited SIP Trunks with up to 8 simultaneous calls
  4.  Comprehensive 5-year warranty
  5.  Dealer and Factory Support Agreement
  6.  Complimentary software updates
  7.  Fixed price for 60 months
  8.  Basic installation and configuration services

All of this at a mere $240.00 Monthly (plus applicable local and federal taxes).


Cost Analysis:

Traditional 10-Phone System:

  •  Initial Payment: $5,000
  •  Monthly Phone Line Charges: $250 (national average)
  •  Additional fees: ~$100/Mo

With IPitomy1, you save substantially on initial costs. You receive a state-of-the-art phone system, unlimited calling, comprehensive warranty, and unmatched support, all at a consistent rate for five years.


IPitomy1 Advantages:

  •  Monthly savings of at least $180
  •  Enhanced features and additional phone lines
  •  No initial costs for PBX and phones
  •  Inclusive 5-year warranty
  •  Comprehensive investment protection
  •  Disaster recovery at no extra charge
  •  Regular software updates
  •  A single payment plan


Additional Options:

Contact your dealer for features like:

  •  Call Recording
  •  Text Messaging
  •  Voice Mail Transcription
  •  ACD
  •  Mass Notifications
  •  Reliable FAX over the Internet