PBX+ Updates

As of 5.x you no longer need to download files from this page in order to update your PBX software.  Downloads from this page only apply to 4.x.x and earlier versions.

Note: When you download update files Internet Explorer may rename the file to .gz. The file must be uploaded as .tgz.

Note: IPitomy recommends All PBX Systems on 3.x and 4.x should be updated to 5.x for latest security updates.

The update process now automatically re-checks file system. This increases update time by approximately 3-5 minutes.

Note these systems are servers with hard drives, they should be installed on a UPS and you should never remove power or hold in power button unless instructed by support.


Current Release:  (01/31/18) 6.0.1-41

There is not an automated upgrade path from 5 to 6.  You must backup your database and upgrade using USB dongle or order a pre-loaded hard drive.

5.x release (01/31/18) - 5.3.1-8

MD5 Checksum 5.0.0: 6f27af535c0c98ae94f216d02cb89cca

Pre 5.x Version (6/24/13) - 4.8.8

MD5 Checksum 4.8.8: 7c01ac3d5e8932885f79b9bcc5a13c5d

4.0.9 Release - (8/23/2011) - You MUST update to this version if you are upgrading to 4.2.x from a version prior to 4.0.8.

MD5 Checksum 4.0.9: 76f90f02d316e3927c71095cbe2858d9

Release Notes:

Release Notes after 4.8.2 maintained on wiki page

NOTE: DO NOT UPDATE KERNEL OR FIRMWARE ON IP320 or IP410 Phones if you are running 4.2.x. There is an issue with the latest firmware+kernel that will leave them inoperable. If you try to update through the PBX. If you need assistance updating these phones please contact Technical Support. PBX Software 4.4.x does not have this problem.


IP1100+ Manual

Upgrade Guide

RAID Documentation