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Disaster Recovery Options

IPitomy has several layers of redundancy to accommodate varying degrees of emergency failover.  IPitomy sales and technical resources can work with you to assist in engineering the most cost effective and appropriate business continuity plan for your company. A cloud Hosted IPitomy PBX is your best defense against disaster.  Since the Cloud PBX is hosted in the Amazon cloud, the system is always on, always up to date and always safe.  

1.) Hot backup - for On Premise VoIP and TDM applications.  A complete identical server can be configured to take over when the primary server is not available.

2.) Cloud backup - Backup a premise based system in the cloud with VoIP.  Phones will automatically switch to the VoIP cloud server in the event they cannot connect with the primary server.

3.) Optional hardware components - Redundant power supply and RAID drives.  

4.) SIP trunk failover - in the event that the primary PBX is not available, the SIP trunks will automatically failover to a backup number taking advantage of cloud based VoIP.

5.) T1/PRI failover to be used with a Hot Backup system.  Will send all T1/PRI traffic to the backup PBX in case the primary is unavailable.