IPitomy IPitomy Smarter Business Communications

IPitomy Background
IPitomy is a privately held VoIP Provider.  Our principal services are SIP trunks and Hosted PBX. We are also a leading software developer of  IP PBX systems.  IPitomy was founded in 2004 by Nick Branica.  Mr. Branica has been involved in the application of the microprocessor to telecommunications network since 1985. As an entrepreneur and business leader, Mr. Branica has a proven track record of accomplishments in the industry.  Prior to founding IPitomy Mr. Branica served as President and CEO of Comdial Corp. and has been involved in founding several successful business ventures.

IPitomy’s Mission
IPitomy’s mission is to provide outstanding business communications products and services for small to midsized businesses.  IPitomy’s strategy is to deliver VoIP Services and design and manufacture sophisticated products with cutting edge technology and performance that are easy to use and supportable by our channel.  IPitomy is sold exclusively through IPitomy dealers who sell, install and service IPitomy installations in the field. 

Business Strategy
 IPitomy’s business strategy is designed to leverage advanced technology and make it easy to use.  As a result of careful analysis and planning, IPitomy has developed a market leading family of products, services and distribution.  With a successful deployment of our IP PBX systems in 2005 followed by an extremely successful introduction of our VoIP SIP Provider business, IPitomy is enjoying financial success as well as market success.

IPitomy understands the business communications marketplace.  The company has the experience and knowledge accumulated over many years in the traditional telecommunications business, however, IPitomy does not bear the burden of supporting legacy technology.  Leveraging this experience and success is a key to the growth and success of IPitomy.

The IPitomy Umbrella
By providing the cloud services, premise based equipment and support, IPitomy is unique in our ability to sell and support the complete suite of services and supporting products required for business communications. Customers under the IPitomy Umbrella enjoy a complete system of support unrivaled in the industry.

IPitomy Financial Stability
IPitomy is successful with our products and services business. We have the strength to continue to develop new and imaginative products in the marketplace as we grow and prosper in the coming years.  IPitomy’s products are the next generation of business communications systems.   With no debt and exciting prospects for the future, IPitomy is poised to grow and expand with the rapid acceptance of VoIP technology.

Tecommunications Marketplace
Legacy Telecommunications products are falling out of favor in the marketplace.  With aging plants, bankruptcies and massive layoffs, the industry is rapidly changing.  Legacy systems providers may or may not be able to make the turn into the next generation.  IPitomy is successfully developing and deploying the next generation Cloud based Services and Pure IP PBX Systems that are the business phone technology for the next 100 years.