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IPitomy Vroom Video Conferencing is just what business needs for collaboration. In todays environment, remote workers, multiple offices, customers and vendors can all participate in video conferencing. IPitomy Vroom is as close as you can get to in-person meetings in this time of social distancing.

IPitomy makes it simple. Just set up a meeting room and send all participants a web link. No matter where they are, attendees can log in from a desktop computer, iPhone, Android or tablet. Joining a conference is as easy as following a web link.


Video Conferencing - Everyone who joins the conference can share their video with all others in the meeting. Face to Face is a better way to keep employees and partners engaged and working together as a team.

Messaging: - All participants can send messages back and forth during the meeting. They can raise their hand to be allowed to message, or send a private message to other participants.

Screen Sharing - Participants can share their screen with all of the other participants. Great for webinars, training, sales presentations and technical support.

Voice Conference - Particpants can join as "Voice Only" users to participate in the session.

Fully Supported by IPitomy - IPitomy provides sales and tech support to keep you up and running without issues.


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