IPitomy IPitomy Smarter Business Communications

Executive Suites is a business environment for professionals and small businesses to have access to a wide variety of business amenities and office management resources included in their office rental.

The amenities available include:

  • Executive Office or Suite Receptionist
  • Mail Handling
  • Facsimile Number
  • Coffee/Tea Service
  • Personalized Telephone Answering Service
  • Conference Rooms with Visual Aids
  • Central Security Package Receipts
  • T-1 Internet Service
  • Janitorial Services
  • Postage Account
  • Private Mailbox
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Private Fax Handling
  • Central Location
  • Utilities
  • 24 Hour Access

Executive Suites provides the office space, amenities and services for businesses that wish to project a professional image while operating in a professional environment. Executive Suites provides the office space, amenities and services that small businesses require at an exceptional level without a big impact on overhead.

Executive Suites chose IPitomy for their business communications system. The previous business communications system, an Isotec TDM switch, was becoming a support problem. Parts were failing and only used parts were available and the price of repair was beginning to become an issue. It was obviously just a matter of time before a big failure would force Executive Suites to make a decision.

Tomas Sullivan, Executive Suites owner decided to be proactive in searching for a solution before a problem arose. Thomas contacted an IPitomy dealer and together they planned the move to a new business communications solution. “We care too much about our customers to risk having our communications system go down” stated Thomas Sullivan, “ we wanted to not only enhance our equipment, but set out to reduce our operating cost and improve our quality as well.”

Executive Suites has a unique application that requires a high degree of flexibility on inbound call delivery as well as control of the day/night mode from the receptionist position. IPitomy provided all the features and more for what the Executive Suites application required. Calls during the day are all answered by the receptionist. The receptionist is able to answer all of the calls with a company specific greeting with the option to transfer the call, take a message or send a call to voice mail; whichever is preferred by the Executive Suites tenant.

The receptionist knows who the call is for based upon the Tenant’s company information being displayed along with the caller ID information on the telephone screen. This adds the additional professional touch that Executive Suites was looking for. The receptionist uses IPitomy’s Smart Operator Console to monitor the extensions and know whether the called party is on the phone. 

“I am an accountant by trade” said Thomas Sullivan,”Before having the IPitomy system, we had to call in our telephone service technician to make changes to the system. This added cost to every new tenant, and reduced our flexibility and responsiveness to tenants needs. With IPitomy, I am able to make the changes myself with the web based administration console. The system is intuitive and simple to use.”

Most tenants have DID numbers for direct dialing. With the IPitomy system, Executive Suites can offer a number forwarding service to transfer numbers off premise to virtual tenants. This is an added element of flexibility that enhances the over all product offering and increases the sales potential of Executive Suites business. This provides the virtual tenant the professional phone answering services offered by Executive Suites, while operating their business from a remote location.

Executive now offers the exciting new benefits and flexibility of an IP based business telecommunications system, with good old personal service of a live friendly and professional receptionist.