• IPitomy Announces the Release of its New IP290 Enterprise HD Phone for VoIP

    The IP290 is designed to cost effectively provide an entry level IP end point for large VoIP and IP PBX deployments such as educational facilities, government and commercial organizations.

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  • IPitomy Answers The Demand For Mobility With Its Virtual ACD Agent

    IPitomy Virtual Agent turns any Mobile Phone or land line into an Agent phone so Call Center Agents can log in from anywhere and begin taking calls.  Virtual Agents using a Mobile Phone or any phone from home can provide quick expansion of a mobile workforce or just help out when a key employee can’t get into the office.

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IPitomy Q Manager

Good Connections Matter

Busy organizations require a phone system that can do more than simply handle the traffic. Calls need to get answered fast and answered by the person with the most appropriate skills and experience. IPitomy’s award winning IP PBX solution has the power and intelligence to handle incoming call volume on your busiest days.

IPitomy ACD and Q-Manager can keep your team working at optimal effectiveness with ease. Flexible ACD features make IPitomy the best choice for environments that require a highly flexible and capable Call Center Solution.

IPitomy is a Pure IP Solution. This makes it the ideal choice when including users and agents that are off site and need to work remotely. With IPitomy, users and agents can work from home, or branch office locations.

Queues can be setup so agents can cover calls from outside the local time zone to add Follow-the-Sun coverage to extend your hours of operation without brick and mortar. Agents can be located anywhere there is a broadband connection. This adds instant expansion of your business without adding overhead.


A Power Tool For Your Company

IPitomy’s powerful ACD solution provides incredible capabilities to get your customers connected to the right agent fast.

Agents and Supervisors get the big picture when using Q-Manager. Q-Manager provides insight into all queued calls and agent status. All User and Agent Status is encapsulated in a small panel that provides lots of information about the user/agent at a glance. This avoids cumbersome additional screens for displaying information. Displaying all user/agent status in a single panel leaves more room on the screen to get the big picture without complicating training.

Q-Manager can display many more calls in a smaller space than most competitors products while displaying much more information. The screen below shows 25 Agents at a glance. Panels can be resized to suit users preference.

Q Manager Brochure
Q Manager Brochure for ACD
Q Manager Setup Guide


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