IPitomy SIP Trunking 

SIP Trunking service is simply a phone line replacement option that is significantly less expensive than traditional analog phone lines and PRI services.  IPitomy SIP Trunking services typically save customers 50-75% on their local and long distance phone bills.

The service requires high speed internet bandwidth and works with your existing phone system so there is no need to replace phones or equipment. And, unlike with PRIs, you purchase only the trunks you need based on your maximum number of concurrent calls.  As a matter of fact, the IPitomy SIP Trunking bundles provide you with more than enough trunks to insure that you never have a busy signal!

The IPitomy SIP Trunking service is quick and easy to deploy and can work for your company in one of two ways depending on the type of phone system (PBX) that you currently have.  They are as follows:

  1. IP PBX-Most new phone systems sold today fall into this category and are SIP-enabled. The Connection to the IPitomy network is very simple with no additional equipment required as all end points communicate with our switch through internet protocol.
  2. Analog PBX-Connecting your analog PBX to the IPITOMY network requires a SIP interface, VoIP gateway or ATA (analog telephony adaptor). The ROI for this equipment is very short and cost effective.

When one of the two options above have been deployed, your SIP network will look like the illustration below.