IPitomy IPitomy Smarter Business Communications

Low Cost and lots of features.

When it comes to savings, IPitomy's Professional Cloud PBX is both inexpensive and feature rich.

Besides all of the features and flexibility, IPitomy's Professional Cloud Services are more reliable, more redundant and less expensive than owning an on-site PBX. 

Here is why:

1.) No onsite PBX means no onsite maintenance.  No calls for repair.  No labor charges.  No parts to replace.  

2.) More reliable than an onsite PBX.  If there is a disaster, your cloud based PBX system continues to function. Calls can be sent to voicemail, call forwarded to cell phones or other alternate numbers. Take your phones anywhere there is an Internet connection. Your business stays running even in a disaster.

3.) Redundancy is built in. if something happens, fire, power outage or anything else, you can take your phones anywhere and plug them in.

4.) Lower cost means more savings.

5.) You are in control.  The setup is easy and we help you anytime.

6.) Less expensive than paying for a maintenance agreement, phone lines, labor costs and paid support. In most cases, the monthly fee is about equal to or less than just paying for phone lines.

7.) Keep your phone and fax numbers. Porting a number to IPitomy is easy.  

8.) Free calling zone - US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and the UK.

9.) Fixed cost.  No surprises.

10.) Secure.  Having an instance in the cloud means hackers aren't threatening your data.

11.) Internet Faxing. Reliable faxing from fax machines, fax to PDF and even fax from your cell! (Fax is Optional)

12.) Flexible.  Have a single extension or 500.