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Simply Powerful
IPitomy Desktop Call Manager just got a new pad. A 8.9” Color LCD screen that provides full visibility of all extension status, presence management, text chat plus incredible call control that won’t take up a lot of desk space while blowing away traditional DSS performance.  VIP is like a visual directory of all of the users on the system.  It won't hide behind or disrupt other applications on your desktop and is always on.

Combine our 8.9" Display with the performance of Call Manager as a companion to your IP550 phone or IP120 Phone. Get call control, visibility of all other users and agents plus real time information on every users presence. Call Manager provides everything you need to know at a glance.

VIP - Visually Integrated Presence is available on a display that takes up very little desk space and allows you to use your mouse to control your phone. Remote workers feel more connected to the group when they can see all of the activities in the office.

VIP won't get in the way of other applications and stays up all the time to be your constant companion bringing you information that is important to your daily activities.

Step up to the next generation of business telecommunications with IPitomy. IPitomy products are designed to be cost effective and feature rich but simple to use.