ROBO Calls are Annoying!

Everyone is experiencing the rapid growth of annoying Robo Calls lately.  These are calls that have a fake Caller ID and usually involve some type of scam or fraud by unscrupulous callers. The scams run the gamut from attempting to get personal identity information to outright fraud. 

The FCC has been working with our industry to reduce or eliminate all illegal Robo calls. The plan is to have each call be verified using an encryption method that assures the called party that the call is coming from a trusted, verified, legitimate source.

All legitimate providers will be part of this program.  It will be implemented sometime soon.  IPitomy is working with our partner carriers to make sure that all of your calls will have a secure verification and attestation. The plan is to have three categories of validation on Caller ID verification.

The level of verification will appear as a symbol along with the caller ID on each call as part of the SIP packet.  See below for the planned attestation summary. Customers will choose to accept the call or not based upon the level of attestation.  


  • Full Attestation. The service provider has authenticated the calling party and attest that they are authorized to the use the calling number. An example of this case is a subscriber registered with the originating telephone service provider’s softswitch.
  • Partial Attestation. The service provider has authenticated the call origination but cannot verify the call source is authorized to use the calling number. An example of this use case is a telephone number behind an enterprise PBX.
  • Gateway Attestation. The service provider has authenticated from where it received the call but cannot authenticate the call source. An example of this case would be a call received from an international gateway.

Users can set up a call blocking scenario that will not accept calls without an allowable level of attestation.


STIR (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Secure Handling of Asserted information using tokens) are the frameworks that promise to prevent the completion of illegally spoofed calls.

Don't Worry!

IPitomy has you covered.  All you need to know is that the industry is working together to solve this problem. It is a pretty complex solution, but this is not the first or the last time the industry faces a difficult challenge. 

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