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IPitomy SIP Door Box IP710

The IPitomy SIP based Door Box is a fast and simple way to provide entry control to your IPitomy System.  The Door Box has connections for multiple options to provide a trigger to open doors from internal input like a button, DTMF code and input from other devices such as card readers.

Using a SIP based door box simplifies installation and integration with the PBX system and adds a multitude of functionality and options in answering doors.

Special schedules can be kept for day or night operation.  Using the other IPitomy IP PBX Features, the IPitomy Door Box can also be used as a notification alarm for emergencies, Fire or events such as Chemical spills.

In retail applications it can be used to assist customers from a specific department as a call notification or a remote spreaker to assist customers.

The solid steel construction and the brushed alliminum faceplate combine for a secure and attractive device.

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United States Patent No. 8,155,012
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