Seamless Overhead Paging With Your VoIP IP PBX System

Now you can add overhead paging to any SIP/VoIP IP PBX system without adding an expensive paging system or paging amplifier.  Utilize flexible paging zones in your PBX system and broadcast the audio to the overhead speakers.

Easy to use, Easy to Install

SIP overhead speakers allow for any type of notifications and any combination of zones.  Just install the speakers in the ceiling tiles, wall or any other suitable mounting position.  Since the speakers are SIP based, they can be addressed directly from the phone system simplifying training and eliminating having a microphone in an inconvenient location for announcements.

Create Paging Zones

Audio announcements can be ad hoc announcements made from a telephone, or automated scheduled announcements configured to play when required, such as lunch bell, school bell or any other audio announcements.

Emergency Notifications

Emergency notifications have many options for implementation.  Alarms can be manually initiated such as weather warnings.  Codes can be used to announce special alerts such as chemical spills etc.  Alerts can also be configured for when a 911 call is dialed.  

Speakers Run on Your LAN

Simplified installation reduces maintenance costs and saves energy.  The SIP overhead speakers function much the same as any telephone.  The speakers can be configured with or without a talk back microphone for areas such as manufacturing floors, loading docks and other convenient locations where picking up a handset to answer a phone is not always possible.  Using Power Over Ethernet, just plug the speakers into a POE switch and they are ready to be deployed.  Now your phone system and paging system all use the same technology simplifying service and maintenance.




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