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IP320-P V3



The IP320 V3 is the latest version of our historically most popular product.  With 12 buttons for feature keys, it is an IP phones that has a lot in common with traditional desktop phones.  Feature keys can be programmed with busy lamp keys to monitor the availablity of other users on the system.  The high quality speakerphone adds to the well rounded functionalty.  The high definition voice and adjustable stand are both reasons that add to its incredible popularity.

This product is covered by one or more
of the US Patents:
United States Patent No. 8,155,012
United States Patent No. 8,942,107
United States Patent No. 9,049,019






WiFi Adaptor Application Notes

When cabling isn't an option:

  • Historic Buildings
  • Chrches
  • Schools
  • Temporary users
  • Kiosks
  • Reception Ststion

Low cost
Much less expensive than cabling hard to reach areas


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