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Bluetooth and Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Adapter

Free yourself from your desk and roam far and wide with IPitomy's wireless

headset adapter.

Add Bluetooth Functionality and Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) functionality to any IP620-BG V3 and IP320 V3 phones.Connect a compatible Plantronics or Jabra DECT headset to your IPitomy phone and control answer and hangup while away from your desk.  Using DECT wireless headsets you can experience incredible performance with distances over 100' from your desk.

Many Bluetooth headsets are compatible.  Bluetooth provides similar functionality to DECT with a shorter range.  

Most standard Bluetooth headset will pair up and work hands free. Bluetooth range is about 30'.

The IPitomy Wireless headset adapter streamlines your desktop by eliminating the need to add a handset lifter to your phone.  All of the control for going on hook and off hook is in your headset so you are free to roam.

Just plug the adapter into the back of your version 3 IPitomy phone, hook up two wires and experience expanded office mobility.  

What you can do with your new mobility while able to talk and receive calls:

  • Go to the printer and pick up a print job while talking on the phone
  • Go to the warehouse and check inventory
  • Answer the door
  • Check on subordinates
  • Get the mail

Being more productive and always connected frees up users to add more to their daily routine and do their job better.  Don't let that phone cord 

hold you back anymore.  Go wireless