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IPitomy's line of High Definition Audio phones are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of business applications. Regardless of which model appeals to you, you can be assured that you will enjoy High Definition Audio performance. High Definition enhances the frequency range improving conversations and assuring that every word is as clear as if you were communicating in the same room.


About the T4 and T2 Phone Models
IPitomy is expanding our product lines and phone models to update the look and feel as well as expand the features and quality of IPitomy products. These products represent the best of IP telephones on the market today.  As with all IPitomy products, IPitomy backs the products with warranty and support.  The phones are fully integrated into IPitomy's provisioning and configurations features.

T4 -  The T4 series is an elegant design that has a style all it's own.  Customers choose the T4 series for it's technology and style.  From touch screen to gigabit Ethernet, the T4 line has a complete range of phones that fit into any environment.

T2 - The T2 series is a high quality standard phone series with great design characteristics and features at a moderate price.  The features and benefits are similar to the T4 series, with a more traditional styling.


T48 - Large Touch Screen Display

The SIP-T48S IP Phone is a dynamic business communications solution for executives and professionals. This phone offers a large touch screen that makes switching between pages and applications swift, easy and convenient. The T48S supports HD Voice technology and wide band codecs for unparalleled audio clarity. Phone users will think they are sitting in the same room with one another. The phone uses Gigabit Ethernet technology for rapid call handling. Plus, it works in conjunction with Bluetooth USB Dongle and Wi-Fi USB Dongle. 


T46S - A Revolutionary SIP Phone for Enhancing Productivity
The T46S IP phone is the ultimate communications tool for busy executives and professionals. In addition to offering better overall performance than the T46G, this device has a faster interface with a rich, high-resolution TFT color display. Built with Yealink Optima HD technology and wideband codec of Opus, this device enables crystal clear communications. The T46S is also built with Gigabit Ethernet technology, for rapid call handling and use with
accessories like a Bluetooth USB Dongle and a Wi-Fi USB Dongle. The new T4S series offers the same elegant
appearance of the T4 line, but with improvements for greater interoperability and collaboration.
T40p - Affordable IP Phone with Three Lines & HD Voice
The T40P is a feature-rich SIP phone for enhancing daily business processes and operations. With a revolutionary new design that supports flexible and secure provisioning , this advanced IP phone is intuitively designed with ease
of use in mind. With programmable keys, the SIP-T40P boasts extensive productivity-enhancing features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, superb high definition (HD) sound quality and a rich visual experience.
T29G - Professional Gigabit Phone with Color LCD
The T29G IP Phone is the most advanced model in the T2x IP terminal series. It has a high-resolution TFT color display, delivers a rich visual experience. Optima HD technology enables rich, clear, life-like voice communications. With advanced features like Gigabit Ethernet, a variety of device connections, including EHS headset, Bluetooth, WIFI and USB call recording, the T29G is a powerful business phone. With programmable keys, the IP Phone
supports vast productivity enhancing features.
T27G - Standard and Affordable SIP Phone for Business
With fast response on the phone’s user interface and superior performance, the T27 IP phone is a feature-rich phone unifying superior voice capabilities and increased functionality for business. Exceptional HD technology and wideband codecs deliver a superb sound quality and bring you life-like voice communications. With an all-new USB port, the T27 boasts unparalleled functionality and expandability, which comes ready for future Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB recording features. With two GigE Ethernet ports, the T27 IP phone is built to work with Gigabit network environments.
T21P E2 Entry-level IP phone with 2 Lines & HD voice
The T21P E2 takes entry-level IP phones to a level never achieved before. Making full-use of high-quality materials, plus an extra-large 132x64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight showing a clear 5-line data display, it offers a smoother user experience, much more visual information at a glance, plus HD Voice
characteristics. Dual 10/100 Mbps network ports with integrated PoE are ideal for extended network use. The T21P E2 supports two VoIP accounts, simple, flexible and secure installation options, plus support for IPv6, Open VPN and a redundancy
server. It also operates with SRTP/ HTTPS/ TLS, 802.1x. As a very cost-effective and powerful IP solution, the T21P E2 maximizes productivity in both small and large office environments.


CP920 and CP960 - Exceptional Audio -
Conference Room Speaker Phones
This audio conferencing solution is designed to suit a range of different meeting environments. The CP960 and the CP920 address today’s audio conferencing challenges and unify a clear-and-easy conferencing communication experience for both in-room and remote participants. The CP960 targets mid-to-large-sized meetings while the CP920 covers small-to-mid-sized meetings.
Enterprise-grade and performance-oriented, Yealink conference phones deliver best-in-class HD audio quality for everyone in a meeting to keep pace with the team’s collaboration and contribute inspired work.


CP960 with Remote Microphones

More Options 

MoreT4 and T2 Series
IP320-P V3



The IP320 V3 is the latest version of our historically most popular product.  With 12 buttons for feature keys, it is an IP phones that has a lot in common with traditional desktop phones.  Feature keys can be programmed with busy lamp keys to monitor the availablity of other users on the system.  The high quality speakerphone adds to the well rounded functionalty.  The high definition voice and adjustable stand are both reasons that add to its incredible popularity.

This product is covered by one or more
of the US Patents:
United States Patent No. 8,155,012
United States Patent No. 8,942,107
United States Patent No. 9,049,019





IP220 2 Line phone
This product is covered by one or more
of the US Patents:
United States Patent No. 8,155,012
United States Patent No. 8,942,107
United States Patent No. 9,049,019


Expansion Module

VIP Panel

Key Features

Expansion Modules

Expand the IP620 to meet the needs of your application.  Add up to 3 Expansion Modules.  Each Expansion Module has 32 Programmable Buttons. Expansion Modules can be programmed to be speed dials, busy lamps and feature keys.

VIP Panel

An Alternative to the "Old School" Telephony Expansion Module is the IPitomy VIP Panel.  Why settle for just plain vanilla when you can have the whole system in the palm of your hand? The VIP Panel displays your IPitomy Q Manager screen. Q manager is a powerful application that allows unprecedented control over your telecommunications system.  Need to transfer a call?  Just click on the call with your mouse and click on the extension of the party you wish to transfer the call to.  You have more than just that choice too; you can transfer the call directly to voice mail , page the party or just dial that extension - with just a few mouse clicks.  Q Manager includes text messaging and visual monitoring of conference calls with the control over each conference participant.  Q Manager and the IPitomy VIP panel bridge the gap from "Old School" to advanced apps by merging the familiarity of lights and colors with mouse clicks for speed and ease of use. 

The VIP Panel displays the IPitomy Q Manager screen and gets it off your PC desktop to make room for other programs on your PC screen.  The VIP Panel shows the status of other users as well as  conferences bridges, park and other system status.  Transfer, Page, Send Text Messages using your mouse instead of the telephone keypad.



Bluetooth and Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Adapter

Free yourself from your desk and roam far and wide with IPitomy's wireless

headset adapter.

Add Bluetooth Functionality and Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) functionality to any IP620-BG V3 and IP320 V3 phones.Connect a compatible Plantronics or Jabra DECT headset to your IPitomy phone and control answer and hangup while away from your desk.  Using DECT wireless headsets you can experience incredible performance with distances over 100' from your desk.

Many Bluetooth headsets are compatible.  Bluetooth provides similar functionality to DECT with a shorter range.  

Most standard Bluetooth headset will pair up and work hands free. Bluetooth range is about 30'.

The IPitomy Wireless headset adapter streamlines your desktop by eliminating the need to add a handset lifter to your phone.  All of the control for going on hook and off hook is in your headset so you are free to roam.

Just plug the adapter into the back of your version 3 IPitomy phone, hook up two wires and experience expanded office mobility.  

What you can do with your new mobility while able to talk and receive calls:

  • Go to the printer and pick up a print job while talking on the phone
  • Go to the warehouse and check inventory
  • Answer the door
  • Check on subordinates
  • Get the mail

Being more productive and always connected frees up users to add more to their daily routine and do their job better.  Don't let that phone cord 

hold you back anymore.  Go wireless




IPitomy Communicator - Soft Phone

The IPitomy Soft phone is designed to turn any Windows based PC into a powerful telephone.  The Soft phone automatically integrates advanced features like viewing the status of all users, Click to Dial, Dialing Contacts, Chat, Call recording and a convenient right click menu to make transferring calls to other users and user voice mail as simple as clicking your mouse.

The IPitomy Soft Phone is Built for Business. Features are designed to make all of the users daily activities simple and intuitive.  Appropriate for a busy receptionist, call center agent, standard phone user of busy executive.

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IPitomy Soft Phone

•   Windows Desktop

•   8 SIP Accounts

•   Uploads Outlook Contacts - Click to dial

•   Upload any list of Contacts - Click to Dial

•   Click to Dial any phone number in your browser, Programs or Applications

•   Click to import all user Status Screen

•   Call by Clicking on User Icon

•   Transfer and Transfer to Voice Mail by Clicking 

•   Chat with just a Click

•   Record a call with just a Click

•   Page user with a click

•   Click to Dial from History






VoIP SIP Ceiling Speakers


Seamless Overhead Paging With Your VoIP IP PBX System

Now you can add overhead paging to any SIP/VoIP IP PBX system without adding an expensive paging system or paging amplifier.  Utilize flexible paging zones in your PBX system and broadcast the audio to the overhead speakers.

Easy to use, Easy to Install

SIP overhead speakers allow for any type of notifications and any combination of zones.  Just install the speakers in the ceiling tiles, wall or any other suitable mounting position.  Since the speakers are SIP based, they can be addressed directly from the phone system simplifying training and eliminating having a microphone in an inconvenient location for announcements.

Seamless Overhead Paging With Your VoIP IP PBX System

Now you can add overhead paging to any SIP/VoIP IP PBX system without adding an expensive paging system or paging amplifier.  Utilize flexible paging zones in your PBX system and broadcast the audio to the overhead speakers.

Speakers Run on Your LAN

Simplified installation reduces maintenance costs and saves energy.  The SIP overhead speakers function much the same as any telephone.  The speakers can be configured with or without a talk back microphone for areas such as manufacturing floors, loading docks and other convenient locations where picking up a handset to answer a phone is not always possible.  Using Power Over Ethernet, just plug the speakers into a POE switch and they are ready to be deployed.  Now your phone system and paging system all use the same technology simplifying service and maintenance.

This product is covered by one or more

of the US Patents:
United States Patent No. 8,155,012
United States Patent No. 8,942,107
United States Patent No. 9,049,019


IPitomy SIP Door Box IP710

The IPitomy SIP based Door Box is a fast and simple way to provide entry control to your IPitomy System.  The Door Box has connections for multiple options to provide a trigger to open doors from internal input like a button, DTMF code and input from other devices such as card readers.

Using a SIP based door box simplifies installation and integration with the PBX system and adds a multitude of functionality and options in answering doors.

Special schedules can be kept for day or night operation.  Using the other IPitomy IP PBX Features, the IPitomy Door Box can also be used as a notification alarm for emergencies, Fire or events such as Chemical spills.

In retail applications it can be used to assist customers from a specific department as a call notification or a remote spreaker to assist customers.

The solid steel construction and the brushed alliminum faceplate combine for a secure and attractive device.

This product is covered by one or more
of the US Patents:
United States Patent No. 8,155,012
United States Patent No. 8,942,107
United States Patent No. 9,049,019


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